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We cancelled our exclusive release a couple of months ago, but we now have these in stock and ready to ship.  Some customers received a limited, complimentary green edition of this LP.  That edition will not be re-printed and remains an exclusive gift to everyone for the delays.    

The third release from Boo and the Tru-Tones demonstrated the bands ability to record funky and soulful numbers to go along with the reggae and calypso they became known for.  Show the World is an incredible soul song, recently sampled by Benny the Butcher on Burden of Proof, while Let Me Get Stoned is a funky uptempo dance floor number.  A rare example of an album that can remain consistent while carefully weaving through multiple genres, a testament to the Tru-Tones talent. 

Show the World | Boo and the Tru-Tones | 1974 | Saint Lucia

Saint Lucian Sunset Limited Edition Website Exclusive
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